OPEN DOOR: Orange MP Phil Donato said he would listen to residents’ views on voluntary euthanasia after earlier saying he would have “trouble” supporting it. Member for Orange Phil Donato has left the door open to throwing his support behinda cross-party bill to legalise voluntary euthanasia.
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Earlier this week, Mr Donato told theCentral Western Dailyhe would have “trouble supporting” thelegislation.

“I don’t know enough about it, but my feeling is that I don’t support it,” Mr Donato said on Monday.

“I’ve had relatives who have been terminally ill and have later died. I don’t know if euthanasia is the answer.”

Mr Donato said he had since been contacted by several residents, including a prominent doctor, who had urged him to reconsider his views, something he was more than willing to do.

“I’m happy to have a discussion about voluntary euthanasia,” Mr Donato said.

“It’s amatter of talking about it and looking at what processes could ensure safeguards are in place.”

There has been a wave of support for the bill from the electorate in the past week.

A poll published on theCentral Western Daily’s website revealed 82 per cent of200 respondents wanted the voluntary euthanasia bill passed.


Readers echoed those sentiments in their comments on theCentral Western Daily’s Facebook page, with the vast majority of posts being in favour of a patient’s right to choose to terminate their life.

“If someones quality of life is drastically impaired by an illness or injury, and that person is in a clear mind about the decision, why the hell shouldn’t they be able to be take it into their own hands? We put our beloved pets out of their misery if they are sick or injured, why not a person?” James Hocking asked.

“Iam caring for a terminal cancer patient at the momentand it’s bloody hard watching someone suffer every single moment of every day, with your hands tied behind your back. It’s not OK and no one should have to suffer the indignity of it,” Karen Cassidy said.

“While this discussion is going on there is still an unfunded, un-staffed and locked-up palliative care ward in the Orange public hospital. If the government refuses to cover the cost of existing services what sort of outcome can we all expect?” Josh Burns asked.

A cross-party working group comprised of Nationals, Greens, Liberals and Labor members is developing the bill, which is expected to be presented to parliament in the second half of 2017.

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