IT’S 2017 and yet sometimes it feels as though we are still in the dark ages.

On Friday, there was an article on an Australian news website that was purely dedicated to what Roger Federer’s wife was wearing while he played in the Australian Open men’s semi-final.

Yes, Federer made it through to the final in a five-set match against Stan Wawrinka, but it was his wife Mirka that was instead the focus.

Mrs Federer had dared to wear a bright pink Gucci jumper that had an image of a tiger on it along with the words“L’ Aveugle Par Amour”, which is French for Blinded by Love.

And a big “whoopdy do” to that.

Sure, pan the camera and maybe take notice of what she’s wearing, it was bright and colourful after all, but to devote an entire article to it –please.

Of course this isn’t the first or the last time this has happened.

It seems to be something of a common occurrence in mainstream media, but it’s certainly a running commentary everyone could do without.

Who cares what Mrs Federer is wearing?

It’s her body, so it’s her choice.

Of course everyone would remember the days Australia had its first female Prime Minister in Julia Gillard.

Ms Gillard was constantly scrutinized for what she was wearing, how she spoke, her earlobes were “too long” and her hair was “too red”, according to some.

I’m not saying someone like Tony Abbott didn’t also draw attention for his appearance –how many times did we need to see the image of him in budgie smugglers?

Of course again it is his body, so his choice.

It’s just not something the media needs to focus on, particularly in this day and age.

Surely, focusing on someone’s achievements rather than how they look or what they wear would be far more scintillating.

Of course, the media isn’t all to blame.

The lounge chair critics were at it on Thursday night during the match, bashing Mrs Federer for her outfit.

The issue is this treatment does seem reserved just for women.

This has already been proven when KarlStefanovic wore the same suit on air on his morning television show for a year.

No one noticed.Imagine the outcry if a woman did the same thing.That’s the point –there shouldn’t be outcry and it needs to change. Pronto.

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