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Milford Sound is one of the scenic highlights of a cruise around New Zealand. According to Maori legend, New Zealand’s fiords were sculpted by Tu Te Raki Whanoa, a godly figure with a magical adze. Milford Sound, the most northern of the fiords, was his finest piece of work. The cruise boats that work here look like toys against the backdrop of sheer cliffs and towering mountains. Photographer Holger Leue,Image supplied by New Zealand Tourism Photo: Holger LeueMY PARTNER AND I ARE INTERESTED IN AN ISLAND HOLIDAY, BUT NOT THAILAND OR BALI. WE ARE THINKING ABOUT SAMOA, WOULD YOU RECOMMEND IT, IS IT SAFE AND WHAT ARE THE ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS? C. HANCOCK, SYDNEY
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Samoa consists of nine islands although for practical purposes you can discount all but the largest two, Savaii and its little brother, Upolu, where the capital, Apia, is located and where most of the population lives. At its centre, the volcanic peak of Mount Fito forms a waistband from which the island falls like a giant skirt, pleated with rainforest and ribboned with gushing streams, descending to a final frill of beach trimmed with coral reefs. Compared with other Polynesian hot spots such as Hawaii and French Polynesia, tourism has been slow to take root. Flights are limited and pricey and despite Samoa’s abundant natural promise, brand name resort hotel chains have failed to establish a toehold since virtually all land is communally owned, which makes it difficult for foreigners to acquire real estate. In an effort to bring tourism dollars directly into the villages the government encouraged the establishment of fale-style guesthouses based on their own domestic architecture, and the coast is now ringed with these fale-guesthouses. Simple, basic and mostly open to the elements, the guesthouses are a natural extension of fa’a Samoa, the Samoan way.

From the top drawer of the island’s accommodation, Coconuts Beach Club brings a dollop of style to the traditional palm and thatch architecture of Samoa, with a choice of overwater fales or handsome beach villas. The other deluxe choice, Sinalei Reef Resort, is small, sensuous and relaxed. There’s the usual hothouse choice of watersports but if you want zippy nightlife, things to buy, beach massages and a local cuisine that will make your tastebuds do the tango, forget about Samoa. If you want the storybook version of a South Seas paradise, Samoa delivers. Personal safety is not an issue.


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A PORT Fairy man has pleaded guilty to manslaughter following the death of his partner last year.
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Police charged Justin Gary Turner, 31, with Kylie Cay’s murder after she died in the days following a brutal assault on June 18.

Police allege Ms Cay was attacked with a hammer, stomped on and dragged around by her hair.

Turner appeared in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court on Friday.

An Office of Public Prosecutions solicitor said the case had been resolved, with Turner willing to plead guilty to manslaughter and the murder charge was to be withdrawn.

The prosecution then dropped the charges of murder, recklessly causing serious injury, recklessly causing injury, assault with a weapon and unlawful assault.

There remains some issues around a charge of breaching an intervention order and legal discussions are continuing.

Turner confirmed he would enter a guilty plea to manslaughter and the case has been adjourned to a directions hearing in the Victorian Supreme Court on February 3.

Turner has also admitted breaching a community corrections order and is expected to be resentenced on those original charges on February 6.

The court heard Turner was jailed for three months in September 2015 after assaulting his mother. On his release from prison, he was serving a 15-month community corrections order with the condition he comp;ete 100 hours of community work and assessment, treatment and programs for alcohol issues.

Turner appeared in the Warrnambool court on Friday via a video link from with prison, where he remains in custody. There was no application for bail.

Victoria Police homicide squad detectives have investigated whether or not the injuries that hospitalised Ms Cay, a mother-of-three, caused her death.

Turner allegedly attacked the 44-year-old on the night of Saturday, June 18.

Ms Cay was admitted to the Port Fairy hospital, which sparked police involvement, before she was transferred to the Warrnambool Base Hospital for treatment.

It is understood she checked herself out of hospital, against medical advice, and returned home on Monday, June 20.

A spokeswoman for the hospital would not comment, given that the case was before the courts.

Members of Ms Cay’s family found her body on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 22 two days after she had returned home.

At a previous court hearing, police said Ms Cay had suffered two fractured right ribs, a broken shoulder and bruising to her face and the top of her feet.

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The Manning River has received a boost of fresh spring water from Barrington Tops making it a great place to take a dip.The fisherman noticed it first and now word has spread.
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Natural springs at Barrington have “let go” and the result is a significant, although temporary, rise in the water level of the Manning River.

“It happens from time to time,” said Killawarra dairy farmer and chairman of the Manning Water Users Association, Robert Walsh.

At Killawarra, the Manning River was flowing at 181 ML (mega litres)on Monday, swelling to a peak of 508 ML by Wednesday. The change in the amount of water flowing meant levels went up by as much as nine inches.

“There’s an old wives’ tale that says this is a sign a rain event might be coming,” said Robert.

In the meantime the water is looking the best it has looked for a while.

“It is in a very healthy state and crystal clear –great for swimming,” added Robert.

Local farmers are well aware of the spring discharge which helps out in times of drought.

When their dams have dried up they often pump from the river to irrigate their properties.

But as dry conditions continue, the river can suffer and as levels drop pumping restrictions can come into force.

This is when a natural boost to the amount of water in the river –seemingly for no apparent reason –is a welcome relief.

“Indifficult times it helps out considerably,” explained Robert.

Local farmers haven’t had any pumping restrictions lately –there has been more than enough water to irrigate. Unfortunately, most of them can’t afford to pump.

Despite dry dams Robert and other local farmers are reluctant to switch on their pumps.

“Most of the dairy farmers can’t afford the electricity bills,” he said.

Hopefully the old wives tale is true and that plenty of rain is onthe way to fill the dams. Before this happens though you might want to take a dip in the Manning.

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Campbelltown, you’re number one.
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Worrying statistics: The waist lines of residents in Campbelltown has become a major concern Department of Health figures show.

But there’s no reason to celebrate.

Statistics revealed by the Department of Health show Campbelltown is one of the unhealthiest areas in the Sydney, recordingthe highest rate of deaths attributed to cardiovascular disease and body mass index.

The area alsohad the second highest rate of hospitalisations due to type two diabetes.

Macarthur MP and paediatrician Dr Michael Freelander said there were several factors for the high rates.

“We have a high Aboriginal and Pacific Islander population (and those cultures)have high rates of type two diabetes and cardiovascular disease,” he said.

“Campbelltown’s smoking ratesare among the highest in Australia and there’s also high alcohol consumption and poor involvement in exercise.

“We need to make people more aware of cardiovascular disease and not just talk about people looking unhealthy and overweight because it does kill them.”

Dr Freelander said education and awareness were the keys to reducing the rates,however, he had two other ideas to combat the issues.

“I believe there is a strong case for a sugar tax,” he said.

“I also think we could introduce sporting subsidies.I see families who can’t put there kids into sports because of the cost.”

Last year, the head of Campbelltown Hospital’sEndocrinology Unit, Dr David Simmons,told the Advertiserthere was a diabetes epidemic sweeping across the world and Macarthur was not immune.

“Nearly a quarter of patients inhospitals – certainly in this hospital – have diabetes, though they maynot beherebecause of diabetesdirectly,” he said.

“One of the biggest epidemics is (gestational)diabetes in pregnancy.

“This is not just affecting mums it’s affecting babies who have an increased risk of diabetes and obesitylater on.

“In this facility about five years ago there were 150 to200 women who had gestational diabetes but last year there were 500. This is huge –it’s swamping us.”

Campbelltown MP Greg Warren said the figures were “disturbing” and believed more money needed to be invested into awareness programs.

“This shows us that we have to mindful of our health and highlights the importance of education and awareness.

“Investing in research and awareness doesn’t have immediate impacts, but it has long-term results.”

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Managing director of Autism Link Rebecca Keysers with her son Kaiser. There’s between 39 and 61 children under the age of 15who have been diagnosed with autism in Lithgow.
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That’s according to Autism Link, a new organisation which is focused on ensuring parents with autistic children have access to the help and support they need.

Managing director Rebecca Keysers saidthere are increasing numbers of children being diagnosed with the condition.

“In 2012, there was a 79 per cent increase of people diagnosed with autism since 2009, and it’s becoming even more common,” Ms Keysers said.

“With growing numbers of children being affected by autism, community support is vital to help them lead happy and connected lives.

“Without the correct support services and resources, the quality of life for kids with autism may be detrimentally affected.

“They may feel as though they don’t belong and find it difficult to form friendships.”

Ms Keysers said families with autistic children can find it challenging to find support forthemand may feel isolated within their own communities.

“When my son Kaiser was diagnosed with autism, I had no idea of what therapies or interventions to look for,” Ms Keysers said.

“Parents need help to access services, support groups, information and resources that make a difference to their children’s lives. This is where Autism Link can really help families.”

Ms Keysers said Autism Link provides families with direct access to services, making a distressing time less traumatic.

First launched in Queensland, Autism Link has more than 160 providers listed with a growing number registering across Australia.

The directory includes organisations and community groups focused on everything including early intervention, speech therapy, occupationaltherapy, support groups and respite providers.

Autism Link is available for free to parents, carers and autism professionals at梧桐夜网autismlink南京夜网419论坛.

There’s also an app for mobile phones and tablets which can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.Ms Keysersown experience can be found athttp://autismlink南京夜网419论坛/beck_keysers.php.

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