JUST KEEP SWIMMING: Caitlin Jones, Keata-Jade Clare, Angus Williams, Max Patteson, George Patteson, Fletcher Williams, and Ethan Jones are regulars at Muswellbrook Aquatic Centre for club training.TIME is running out to have your say.
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Muswellbrook Shire Counicl is encouraging the community to complete the online survey for theproposed Special Rate Variation.

If approved, the Special Rate Variation will allow for a greater upgrade of facilities in the shire.

The program proposal includes a range of updates around the shire, includinga Regional Convention and Performance Centre – a major component of the Muswellbrook Town Centre Plan;an expansion and upgrade to the facilities at Muswellbrook Aquatic Centre; andthe full delivery of the Denman Town Centre revitalisation plan.

Muswellbrook Swimming Club committee member Russell Hartin said the group was excited about the prospect of an upgrade to the aquatic centre facilities.

The plans include replacement of the 87-year-old 50 metre swimming pool; construction of a dry/wet or water park for children, adjoining the indoor facility; and, additional café space.

“Obviously the committee would like to see a pool that gives us the ability to run carnivals and those sorts of things in the area and draw people to the area through that,” Mr Hartin said.

“The pool needs to be built to certain standards and that’s what we’ve put forward as a committee to the council as to what we would like to see as the upgrade goes ahead.

“We promoted, through the club, for people to have their say on what they thought would be the best outcome for the facility as a whole, for the community.”

Mr Hartin said newer pools had better technology, like level gutters, which allowed their towns to host meets of a higher standard, and the Muswellbrook group was enthusiastic about having that potential in town.

“It allows you to draw bigger carnivals to the area and host regional type events, rather than just area events,” he said.

He said the local club would have access to the indoor pool during the construction phase, which would allow them to still host short course meets and club training.

“We don’t see it as a major issue during the construction period because we’ve still got another facility that can be used by the community as well,” he said.

“As members of the community we’re keen for everybody to have theirsay so we end up with the best facility for the town that serves the needs of the town for the next 80 years.

“It needs to be a facility that can be used for a number of things, not just swimming, but also hydrotherapy and things like that.

“The overall design allows for those sorts of things.

“It’s not just about swimming; its about a community facility that more people can use.

“We just think it’s exciting for the town the prospect of having a new facility that will be to a standard that a lot of other places would love to have.”

The online survey of residents closes on Friday, February 3.

Residents can also write (PO Box 122, Muswellbrook NSW 2333) or email ([email protected]论坛) to express views to the general manager.

For more information, or to complete thesurvey about the proposed Special Rate Variation,visit https://muswellbrook.nsw.gov419论坛/index.php/2015-05-29-01-29-46/2584-srv

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‘Beautiful soulmate’ | PHOTOS, VIDEO Special friendship: Sam Bloom with her confidant, Penguin the Magpie, who helped her through one of the darkest times of her life. Photo: supplied
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penguinthemagpie Inseparable

penguinthemagpie Afternoon tea with Oli

penguinthemagpie You try explaining Instagram to a chicken!

penguinthemagpie Connected

penguinthemagpie After more than 14000 images and 2 years documenting my life with these beautiful kids, the first advance copies of ‘Penguin Bloom’ arrived home. So many tears of joy and pain went into writing and producing this book which we are all now so proud of. Published by ABC Books and beautifully written by Bradley Trevor Greive, you can pre order copies now online or wait to pick one up in all good bookstores from 21st March.

penguinthemagpie Teamwork

penguinthemagpie Sam, the boys and I are so excited to finally announce that our book, Penguin Bloom written by Bradley Trevor Greive will be made into a Hollywood film staring Naomi Watts as Sam. “Sam’s undeniable spirit and the intense physical and emotional journey she and her family embraced resonated with me both as a storyteller and as a mother,” Naomi will co produce alongside Reese Witherspoon, Bruna Papandrea and Emma Cooper.

penguinthemagpie Home sure feels like a zoo at times

penguinthemagpie The new website is here, selling beautiful fine art prints and shipping worldwide. Penguinthemagpie南京夜网

penguinthemagpie Was just reminiscing early mornings. Happy Valentines xx

penguinthemagpie I love you.

penguinthemagpie Soon to be reunited

penguinthemagpie The blurred boundaries of being loved and spoilt

penguinthemagpie Love when they leave the light on.

penguinthemagpie Summer mornings.

penguinthemagpie I’ve been gone 8 days and this morning thought I’d better come home and say hi.

penguinthemagpie All babies love a kiss and cuddle before bedtime.

penguinthemagpie We all grow up eventually… I’ve been seen dating some magpie boys in Newport. Don’t worry I’ll keep sharing my life with you….

penguinthemagpie Brown eyes run in the family.

penguinthemagpie Front row seats.

penguinthemagpie Loving their first shower of the summer.

penguinthemagpie Taking turns

penguinthemagpie What we learn from Mother Nature is priceless.

TweetFacebookPenguin Bloom: The Odd Little Bird Who Saved a Family, which tells the story of how a baby magpie helped Sam through the darkest struggle of her life.

Sam fell from a balcony in Thailand on a holiday in 2013. As a result, she was paralysed. At the time, her three sons were 11, 10 and eight years old.

Cam said Sam was an incredibly active person, who loved surfing and mountain biking.

“She basically lost all independence,” he said.

“When Penguin arrived, Sam was at her lowest point. Penguin had been injured after she had fallen out of the nest, and we looked after her.”

Penguin was named by Cam and Sam’s children, as she had big feet. She became part of the family, running down the hall, talking with the boys and singing in the house.

“She was like a pet dog,” Cam said.

But it was her relationship with Sam that was most special.

“Penguin was a companion for Sam when the kids were at school, and I was at work,” Cam said.

“She was her beautiful soulmate. She would often sit on Sam’s shoulder or head, and Sam would talk to her. Penguin was always a good listener.”

Penguin was always free to leave, but she continually came back to spend time with the family.

Over the course of her stay with the Blooms, Cam took about 2000 pictures of the bird, which helped form the arc of the book. Cam and Sam were interviewed by writer Bradley Trevor Grieve for five months for the book, and he also used the photographs.

Cameron Bloom Penguin Bloom sales go to help people with life-changing injuries.

The Bloom family are currently looking after two new magpies, Panda and Puffin.

You can follow theiradventures and explorationson Instagram by searching ‘penguinthemagpie’.

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Moree Show Society president Brendan Munn, worker Kon Buliopoulos, Work for the Dole supervisor Luke Hook, worker Brett Draper and Jobs Australia’s Adam Gordon and Trish Atkins in the much-improved stables at Moree Showground.Horse owners will be lining up for a spot in Moree Showground’snew and improved stables at this year’s show thanks to some very hard workers.
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Over the past 18 months, Moree Showground has undergone a much-needed facelift aspart of the Department of Employment’s jobactive Work for the Dole program.

For five hours a day, five days a week since August 2015, local Work for the Dole clients have worked hard building, painting, sanding, welding, fencing, concreting, plumbing and more to get the showground facilities up-to-scratch. During this time they have fixed the grandstand, bar, toilets, main arena fence and completed a number of other odd jobs.

This week will see the completion of the third project at the showground – fixing oneof the horse stables which was in a significant state of disrepair.

About 15 workers, under the guidance of Work for the Dole supervisor Luke Hook, spent the past three months straightening the foundation of the building andreplacing the old wooden posts and railings with new steel ones.

Mr Hook saidhis workers have been fantastic.

“It’s been a great experience working with the blokes from Work for the Dole,” he said. “I’m teaching them what I know and learning new things as well.”

BEFORE: The stables at Moree Showground were in a serious state of disrepair prior to the upgrades that were undertaken by Work for the Dole clients.

Moree Show Society is very grateful for the Work for the Dole program, which president Brendan Munn said has saved them valuable time and money.

“The amount of work the guys have been doing over a six-month period, there’s no way the show society would be able to do it,” Mr Munn said. “[The workers] are getting a big tick from the show society.”

The program also has significant benefits for the workers who gain valuable skills, training and on-the-job experience.

Work for the Dole client Brett Draper saidhe looks forward to coming to the Moree Show in April and seeing all his hard work paid off.

“It gives you a bit of pride coming to the show and saying, ‘I did that’,” he said.

Jobs Australia Enterprises is the lead provider for this particular Work for the Dole activity, providing the budget and ensuring the project is running smoothly. Regional managerAdam Gordon, said the guys have done a great job at the showground.

“This activity is a fantastic example of what can be accomplished through the Department of Employment’s jobactive initiative,” he said.

“There’s lots of work which has been undertaken for the betterment of the community that wouldn’t have been done otherwise.”

The showground project is ongoing and work will soon begin to fix another of the old stables.

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READY: Harvey Keilar, Milla Harris and Billy Walker are starting prep at Ararat West Primary this year. Picture: Peter PickeringShare your back to school photos –inbox us on Facebook, tag @araratadvertiser on Instagram, or email [email protected]南京夜网419论坛
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Ararat district schools will return for term one as they welcome their newest, and youngest pupils for the first time this year.

Prep pupils will be pulling on their uniforms and heading into the classroom this week.

Most schools across the district will return on Thursday, while some start on Tuesday.

Ararat West Primary Schoolhas 32 children preparing for their first day on February 2.

The school has three preps attending who are also the childrenof teachers at Ararat West.

Principal Terry Keilar’s son Harvey Keilar will be joined by Milla Harris, the daughter of teacher Bree and Billy Walker, the son of Tahnee.

The three children said they were looking forward to starting school with their friends.

“I like learning to read the most,” Harvey said.

Billy also said he was looking forward to reading and writing, while Milla nominated drawing as her favourite classroom activity.

Beyond the classroom however, all three pupils said they would enjoy using the playground with their friends.

Mr Keilar said Ararat West teachers have been going through their normal preparations to get classrooms ready for their pupils’ arrival.

“It has been routine stuff over the break to get everything organised,” he said.

Other primary and high schools across the district are also returning this week.

Ararat Primary School has 30 pupils who will start on Thursday.

St Mary’s Primary School inArarat has a full class of 26 preps starting.

Outside of the city, Buangor Primary School’s prep class has seen a jump from one prep pupil in 2016, to four in 2017.

Pomonal Primary and Moyston Primary School have three and four new pupils respectively.

Both schools, along with Buangor, will return for their first day on Tuesday, with preps having the Wednesday off before Thursday and Friday classes.

Lake Bolac College’s six prep pupils will start their first day on Wednesday.

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Faye Davis
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Australia Day. A day of history in what is today a place named Australia. Before the Englishcame to this country and named it, it was inhabited by Aboriginals who have an abundance of history toshare in their own right. The naming of Australia is sometimes referred to as an invasion.

Since Australia was named its history has been made up of many peoples. This country, since being named Australia, has had many new arrivals of peoples from countries across the world.

My Mother talked of the Chinese who lived along the River Murray and the local Aboriginals as wellwhen she was a child. I have read about the Chinese who settled in the Kimberleys. We all have history. Some good and some bad. It’s a journey we each take and experience in ourlifetime. It is different for each of us just as our individual lives are different. There are pages in history books that make me sad but what I do each day is strive for abetter life for those of us who are here today and for the generations ahead. I can’t undo the tragedy ofpast history just in the same way I can’t undo the tragedy I have faced in my personal life but I canlearn from it and be a better person because of it.

As I celebratethe good things in my past I also embrace the positives in the pages of history. The Dreamtime stories ofthe Aboriginal past, the lifestyle of many tribes and their values, along with their hunting and gathering Ihold in a special place with great respect.

I think of the attempted World War II invasion by the Japanese into Australia. I wonder if I wouldhave even been born. I wonder what life would have been like for us all under Japan’s leadership.

At the re-enactment of the signing of the Muroto Friendship Agreement on ThursdayI looked into thefaces of the Japanese people there and know they value our friendship with our community. It was agood feeling.

This will be the last time I write my column for the PortLincoln Times. I was humbled to be invited to write this column when itwas established about nineyears ago. I have enjoyed it and hope you have too. I thank those of youwho have contacted me or stopped me to tell me how much you haveenjoyed and appreciated what I have written over the years. You have all given me much joy.

I am handing over to someone I have great respect for and has lots of life experiences to share and stories to tell –Tony Perks.

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OFF-FIELD HURDLES: Tony Popovic said his side would not be distracted by the court case surrounding midfielder Kearyn Baccus ahead of Saturday’s clash with Brisbane Roar. Picture: Getty ImagesWanderers coach Tony Popovic said his side would not be distracted by apolice investigation into midfielder Kearyn Baccus.
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Western Sydney willlookto claim back-to-back wins for the first time this campaign on Saturday,with a crucial trip to Brisbane Roar at SuncorpStadium.

Baccus, 25, was charged with common assault on Wednesday, after he allegedly punched a man in the chest near Sydney Airport on January 5.

Popovic said the club would stand behind the embattled Kings Park resident, who has so far escaped sanction from the FFA.

“He’s available for selection. He’s an important player in this squad,” Popovic said on Friday.

“It’s been dealtwith. The club’s made a statement and we certainly back the integrityof the player.

“We’re clearly focused on the game.”

Baccus has flourished for the Red and Black this season.

The former Blacktown City player has traded the bench for a regular starting berththis year, after his coach challenged himto take on leadership role at the club.

“We’ve always held Kearynin high regard in terms of his ability,” Popovic said.

“We feel he’s maturing more and more as a footballer. He’s shown that in the last few appearances.

“The ability has always been there. He just needs some nurturing, some improvements and it’s all slowly coming together for him.”

Western Sydney’s last match against Brisbane finished in a 1-alldraw at the same venue in December.

Popovic said that result, and Sunday’s long-awaited home win against Newcastle Jets, gave his players confidence headinginto the match.

“It’s good to win a game at home. And obviously in an important match,” he said. “The players did a very good job in that type of pressure.

“Suncorp’s not an easy place [to visit] but we can draw confidence from our last appearance there and how we played in the second half.”

Brisbane Roar host Western Sydney Wanderers on Saturday, January 28 at Suncorp Stadium. Kick off is at 7.50pm.

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A study has found the Wingecarribeein the top tenleast affordable housing markets across the world.
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Demographia’s 13thannual International Housing Affordability Survey revealedWingecarribee as the seventh least affordable market based on itsmedian multiple (house price to income ratio), behind Vancouver, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara and Auckland.

Australia had four regions represented in the top 10 when all housing markets (including regional areas) were considered. Sydney was rated the second least affordable, beaten only by Hong Kong.

Ranked among some of the world’s most in-demand locations, Wingecarribee was joined by fellow Australian cities Sydney, Tweed Heads and Melbourne in the top 10 least affordable, labelled “severely unaffordable” by the survey.

Demographia’s 13th annual International Housing Affordability Survey found Wingecarribee to be the seventh least affordable housing market of all the markets considered by the survey, which includes regional areas. (Image: Table 10, Demographia 2017 report, pg 17).

It said there had been broad affordability in Australia prior tothe introduction of urban containment policies, designed to limit the development of land outside of a specified urban area.Such policies encourage growth and development within an urban area, allowing for undeveloped green spaces between urban regions.

Demographia: The Top 10 least affordable markets of the 92 ‘major’ housing markets identified across the world by the survey. (Image: Table 7, Demographia 2017 report, pg 14).

The concept of “the green in-between” is a notion regularly discussed at Wingecarribee Shire Council meetings during debates about development issues in the shire.

Deputy mayor councillor Ian Scandrett said although green space was part of the shire’s Local Environmental Plan (LEP) aims, that wasn’t necessarily the main problem where housing affordability was concerned.

”Our problem is not the green between. It’sthat we have more than 30 years of approved rezoned residential land in this shire and it’s all land banked,” he said.

Land banking, the process of collecting land for future sale, means land appropriately zoned for residential development is otherwise unavailable.

“We need to unlock the land that’s been rezoned to residential,” Cr Scandrett said.“I personally wonder if we shouldn’t have a ‘use it or lose’ clause for residential land. I would hope the new premier will examine this issue carefully.”

Across the nation, figures demonstrate an upwards trend in housing cost, and decreasing affordability.Newly-appointed NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian listed housing affordability as one of her key priorities.”It’s the biggest concern people have across the state,” she said.

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Selling it: Tamworth Real Estate’s Graeme Elmes is sold on Barnaby Joyce’s comments regarding housing affordability this week. Photo: Chris Bath 270117CBA
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It may come asno surprise that a local real estate agent agrees with Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce’s much publicisedcomments about housing affordability, although Graeme Mills believes that those looking to buy property may not have an alternative.

Mr Joyce caused a huge stir on Wednesday when he told ABC Radiothat he was fed up with the housing debate being centred around Sydney and Melbournefollowing a report that ranked Sydney as second and Melbourne as fifth on an index of the world’s most expensive cities for affordability.

“I get annoyed when peopletalk about that the only house that youcan buy apparently is in Sydney and it’s too dear,” he told ABC Radio National.

“There are other parts of Australia. I live in one, it’s called Tamworth……if you’ve decided you’ve got the gumption in you and youwant to move [west],you’regoing to have a very affordable house.”

While the comments have drawn outrage from many Mr Mills from Tamworth Real Estate can’t see any other solution without massive changes to the market that couldhave potentially dire consequences.

“If the government steps in and says that a two million dollar property can only be sold for one million then the banks and the people already invested in the market will go broke,” Mr Mills said.

“What Barnaby said was a bit flippant but there is a serious side to it because realistically it is impossible to control the market.”

“At the end of the day buying in Tamworth is a very safeand people have to do what they have to do if they want to own property and if that is moving to a regional area then so be it.”

One incentive that MrMills thought was worth some thought was a change to the structure of the First Home Buyers Grant for regional areas.

Currently, in an effort to thwart centralisation, the grant only extends to buyers of brand new properties.

“Maybe there is some scope to modify the scheme for regional areas and encourage more first home buyers into the market that way,” Mr Mills said.

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25 years ago:THE Western District will lead a push to celebrate Australia Day on January 1, the anniversary of the day Australia became a federation in 1901. The issue is likely to be debated as the Australian Labor Party puts in motion a campaign to pronounce Australia an independent republic on January 26, 2001.
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A PROPOSAL to build three new netball courts at Warrnambool football ovals is being held up pending a review by a rival netball association. The Warrnambool and District Football League Netball Association wants to build courts at the Mack Oval, Walter Oval and Merrivale Reserve but the city council is waiting on a reply from the Warrnambool City Netball Association, whose Caramut Road courts are used each Saturday for an inter-church competition and available for District League games.

50 years ago:THIS year’s Warrnambool Grand Annual Steeple will be the richest in the history of the event. It will carry $4500 prize money –the highest the club has ever allotted to any one race.

THE top teams in the Hampden League, and their supporters, were “killing football” by their selfish attitude, Koroit Football Club treasurer Mr E. Franklin said. The stronger clubs in the league would do nothing to help the weaker clubs, he said. “There is nothing I would like to see more than you beating some of these teams,” he told the club’s annual meeting.

100 years ago:THERE was satisfactory attendance at a public meeting convened by the Mayor Cr Webb for the purpose of organising the recruiting campaign for this portion of Corangamite. The Mayor said it was the duty of citizens to rally round the banner of the Empire at the present war crisis and do everything possible to assist in obtaining more recruits.

A NEW light has been placed at the end of the Warrnambool breakwater. It flashes every four seconds, giving a green light out to sea and a red light when in line with and behind the breakwater. Sometimes it is dangerous at the end of the breakwater and men attending to the old light occasionally incurred considerable risks of being caught by a heavy sea.

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Cr Marianne Saliba: Shellharbour City Council’s Back to Business Week event will be held on Thursday, March 2, as part of the council’s economic development push.
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After a beautiful summer holiday season here on the coast, many in the community are recharged and ready to embrace the opportunities of the year ahead.

The first Shellharbour City Business Network meeting for the year will focus on improving productivity with guest speaker, Paul Breen at 5.30pm-7.30pm, on Wednesday, February 15.

Mr Breen has a wealth of information about vocational training and is passionate about supporting young people in the work environment. As always, the monthly meeting is free and this one will be particularly attractive to any business person that wishes to better engage with young people, particularly to realise the full potential of their employees.

Anyone interested can contact council on 4221 6030 to register.

Experts will be on hand to provide business people with the support needed to optimise business growth at the Shellharbour City Council Back to Business Week event on Thursday, March 2.

Brief presentations from speakers from a range of government business support organisations will be provided. The event will also include a free, three-hour workshop on how to develop and implement an effective growth strategy for your business. This will provide a great platform for growing business during the next 12 months. For more information contact councilon 4221 6030.

Applications are now open for the next free business development program – Economic Gardening Illawarra that starts on March 21.

The structured business development program is free to businesses located in the Shellharbour, Kiama and Wollongong Local Government Areas.

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WAX ON, WAX OFF: Orchardist Peter Darley will save $60,000 thanks to the supermarkets allowing unwaxed fruit onto their shelves. Photo: JUDE KEOGH APPLE growers will save millions of dollars after two major supermarkets relented on their demand that the fruit be waxed to make it look more shiny.
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Coles supermarkets moved to selling wax-free apples earlier this month andWoolworths will do the same from February.

Both chains said the move was due to demand for more natural-looking fruit.

Orange apple grower Peter Darley hailed it as a big win justweeks before this year’s harvest.

Mr Darley said spraying apples with wax was expensive due to the high cost of the LPG needed to heat the substance.

He said the LPGcost $1.50 per case of apples.

That equatedto a $60,000 saving for his 40,000 cases of apples and more than $3 million for the 2-2.5 million cases of apples produced in Orange every year.

“A major issue in our favour is that the supermarkets have said they will accept apples that are un-waxed. People are looking to buy the natural product,” Mr Darley said.

“This is a big saving. LPG gas is not cheap, it is like petrol, it is expensive.”

Mr Darley said the spraying was done in packing sheds.

He said shoppers wanted more natural products but it did not mean they would miss out on seeing shiny fruit in their store.

“They will still be washed and polished, just not waxed,” he said.

Growers will also save on labour costs and on having to clean waxing machines.

Coles spokeswoman Jasmine Zwiebel said the move would not effect the price of apples.

“It’s a cost reduction for the growers,” she said.“Fruit pricing is seasonal, prices will fluctuate.”

And she said it would not change the quality or taste.

“The wax applied was safe, edible food wax. Some people will say they [un-waxed] are more fragrant or flavourful but we don’t have any evidence of that,” she said.

Woolworths head of produce Scott Davidson said they had listened to customer demand.

“It has been undertaken in full consultation with both the industry body, Apple and Pear Australia Limited(APAL) and all Woolworths apple suppliers,” Mr Davidson said.

An APAL video explaining apple waxHe said the main reason for waxing was presentation.

“While an un-waxed apple make look duller, it will still taste just as good and will contain all the nutrients that an added wax apple has.”

Apple and Pear Australia Ltd (APAL) chief executive officer, Philip Turnbull, said some growers see value in waxing their apples, while some are happy to supply ‘no added wax’ apples.

“We represent all growers and this diversity of opinion,” Mr Turnbull said.

“However, if the major retailers’ move to apples with no added wax means people eat more apples, then, overall, it could be good for the industry.”

According to APAL, apples with no added wax have always been available in many retail outlets and farmers markets.

Organic apples don’t have added wax by definition and many pre-packed apples – apples sold in bags – also don’t have added wax.

“As Woolworths and Coles change to selling more apples with no added wax it may mean changes for growers who may have invested in waxing equipment and the wax itself. It may also complicate their packing lines if they need to wax some apples and not others,” Mr Turnbull said.

“However, we are happy when retailers look at finding new ways to excite consumers about apples and encourage apple consumption.

“We hope Woolworths’ and Coles’ decision to stock apples with no added wax helps to highlight that apples are a delicious and nutritious natural snack.”

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Country Music Festival in full swing | Photos Annual trip to Tamworth for Danielle Thompson, Parkdale; Simone Chalmers, Patterson Lakes; Narelle Tsiros, Parkdale; Narelle Tsiros, Parkdale; Nix Fraser, Sandringham; Riles Reilly, Marseille France, and Eddie Jenkins, Sandringham. Photos: Rachael Webb
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‘Buck yeah’ contingent from NZ: Shaun Thompson, Thomas Ngatai, Michelle Ngatai, Vai Kasieli, Sharlene Thompson, Glen Reedy and Robert Gaitau, at The Longyard Hotel.

Tyson Green, Singleton; Aleisha Taggart, Broke; Tim Green, Singleton; Jamie Green, Singleton, and Brenda Chong, Singleton.

Jenny Earl and her daughter, Jazmin, from Weston via Currey Currey.

Daniel Porter, Sarah Payne and their daughter Emily Porter, 14 months, Tamworth.

Cath and Leon Mackiewicz, Bellangry, with (centre) Caths mum, Margot Hobson, Tamworth.

Mates, Damien Pringle and Jasmine Sutnikov, Scone, with Holly Harris and Mathew Harris, Gunnedah, catching up at The Longyard Hotel.

Mates Catherine and Warren Carney, Wauchope, Glenn and Danielle Simpson, Kirrawee, enjoying the festivities at The Longyard Hotel

Charlie Saliba, Central Coast, with his ‘Millenium Country’ performing on Peel St. Charlie has been travelling to Tamworth for 37 years.

Vicki Sheehan, Tamworth; Kellie Sheehan, Tamworth; Dani Robson, Tamworth; Luke Robinson, Tamworth, and (at back) Adrienne Baker, Wamberal, at The Longyard Hotel.

Nola Crichton (been coming to TCMF since 1979) and Susie Ortlipp, both from Albury.

Ian and Jackie Melder catching up with Jackie and Pete Sparks, from Tamworth, at The Longyard Hotel.

Julie Lawlor, Central Coast; Kaybe McMullen, Central Coast; Tony Northcott, SA; Adrienne and Glenn Baker, Central Coast, all at The Longyard Hotel.

Paul Gers, Muswellbrook, on the mechanical bull.

Ryan Morris performing at The Longyard Hotel.

Renie Watson, Mollymook; Vicki Williams, Quakers Hill; Kerrie Samuels, Central Coast, and Shirley Cameron, Blacktown.

Joel Purcell and Corinne Death, both from Sydney.

Not letting the rain dampen their spirits is Sophie Timbs, 8, “Uki”, Walcha; Jess Bridger, 18, Brisbane, and Olivia Callanan, 9, Sydney.

Tamworth girls, Jessica Urquhart and Lakayla Dickson at The Longyard Hotel.

Kane Allan, Taree, and Vikki Squire, Sydney, catching up beside their mate Justin’s ute at The Longyard Hotel.

Shelly Hannaford, Gympie, and Tess Preston, Umina Beach, at The Longyard Hotel.

Queen of Country Music Quest entrants, Erin Whitten, “Bon Accord”, Tamworth, and Sarah Weatherley, “Balyarta”, Quirindi.

Draper kids, Ruby, 2 and Wyatt, 4, from Tamworth, having fun in the rain on Peel Street.

Festival goers dancing to Ryan Morris at The Longyard Hotel.

Angela and Peter Dunn, Richmond, Tasmania.

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NO SHOW: Brett Gleeson, the president of the Newcastle Show Association, says the show needs funding assistance. PICTURE: Jonathan CarrollEDITORIAL: Show deserves supportTHE Newcastle Show is cash-strapped and faces being permanently wound up unless the state government agrees to provide emergency funding, organisers say.
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While this year’s show is safe, association president Brett Gleeson has warned that three consecutive years of bad weather, the loss of the show public holiday, and the redirection of funding from the showgrounds to the state government’s coffers has led to a “critical” situation that could mean 2017 is the last time the show is ever held.

“I don’t want to be alarmist but it is critical [and] without support from the government and the business community the show won’t exist after this year,” he said.

“We’ve seen our funding depleted year after year and now we’re at a point where there is very little left in the kitty.”

At the heart of the matter is a decision by the former state Labor government in 2008 to abolish the former Newcastle Showground and Exhibition Centre Trust in favour of a more central manager –now Venues NSW.

It saw the trust lose control of the showgroundsand the associated rent and parking income along with it.

The decision crippled the association –in 2006 the trust listed assets in excess of $3 million. Now, Mr Gleeson says the show association has $10,000 left in the bank.

“Really I see what we’re asking for as compensation, Mr Gleeson said. “The show association is going broke becausewe can’t get access to any income while Venues NSW is sitting on money that belongs to the Hunter.”

The situation has been made worse by the loss of the annual show public holiday. After years of debate about the holiday –which the Hunter Business Chamber complained cost local businesses $35 million –Mr Gleeson relented in 2015 and agreed not to apply for the holiday.

“We gave up the public holiday and had hoped that with the benefit they received we would have had support from the business community,” he said.

But after losing about $130,000 from not having the public holiday, Mr Gleeson said the show only got about $18,000 in additional sponsors. He’s been meeting with business representatives in the lead up to this year’s show to try and drum up support.

Hunter Business Chamber chief executive Bob Hawes said the chamber “continues to promote partnerships and engagement between the business community and the Newcastle Show”.

However he said the chamber would not support the reintroduction of a show holiday.

“The Chamber supports the show as an important event but not at the expense of businesses in this region,” he said.

Mr Gleeson has also made representations to the government’s parliamentary secretary Scot MacDonald, who has been speaking to members of the government.

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