JUST KEEP SWIMMING: Caitlin Jones, Keata-Jade Clare, Angus Williams, Max Patteson, George Patteson, Fletcher Williams, and Ethan Jones are regulars at Muswellbrook Aquatic Centre for club training.TIME is running out to have your say.

Muswellbrook Shire Counicl is encouraging the community to complete the online survey for theproposed Special Rate Variation.

If approved, the Special Rate Variation will allow for a greater upgrade of facilities in the shire.

The program proposal includes a range of updates around the shire, includinga Regional Convention and Performance Centre – a major component of the Muswellbrook Town Centre Plan;an expansion and upgrade to the facilities at Muswellbrook Aquatic Centre; andthe full delivery of the Denman Town Centre revitalisation plan.

Muswellbrook Swimming Club committee member Russell Hartin said the group was excited about the prospect of an upgrade to the aquatic centre facilities.

The plans include replacement of the 87-year-old 50 metre swimming pool; construction of a dry/wet or water park for children, adjoining the indoor facility; and, additional café space.

“Obviously the committee would like to see a pool that gives us the ability to run carnivals and those sorts of things in the area and draw people to the area through that,” Mr Hartin said.

“The pool needs to be built to certain standards and that’s what we’ve put forward as a committee to the council as to what we would like to see as the upgrade goes ahead.

“We promoted, through the club, for people to have their say on what they thought would be the best outcome for the facility as a whole, for the community.”

Mr Hartin said newer pools had better technology, like level gutters, which allowed their towns to host meets of a higher standard, and the Muswellbrook group was enthusiastic about having that potential in town.

“It allows you to draw bigger carnivals to the area and host regional type events, rather than just area events,” he said.

He said the local club would have access to the indoor pool during the construction phase, which would allow them to still host short course meets and club training.

“We don’t see it as a major issue during the construction period because we’ve still got another facility that can be used by the community as well,” he said.

“As members of the community we’re keen for everybody to have theirsay so we end up with the best facility for the town that serves the needs of the town for the next 80 years.

“It needs to be a facility that can be used for a number of things, not just swimming, but also hydrotherapy and things like that.

“The overall design allows for those sorts of things.

“It’s not just about swimming; its about a community facility that more people can use.

“We just think it’s exciting for the town the prospect of having a new facility that will be to a standard that a lot of other places would love to have.”

The online survey of residents closes on Friday, February 3.

Residents can also write (PO Box 122, Muswellbrook NSW 2333) or email ([email protected]论坛) to express views to the general manager.

For more information, or to complete thesurvey about the proposed Special Rate Variation,visit https://muswellbrook.nsw.gov419论坛/index.php/2015-05-29-01-29-46/2584-srv

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‘Beautiful soulmate’ | PHOTOS, VIDEO Special friendship: Sam Bloom with her confidant, Penguin the Magpie, who helped her through one of the darkest times of her life. Photo: supplied

penguinthemagpie Inseparable

penguinthemagpie Afternoon tea with Oli

penguinthemagpie You try explaining Instagram to a chicken!

penguinthemagpie Connected

penguinthemagpie After more than 14000 images and 2 years documenting my life with these beautiful kids, the first advance copies of ‘Penguin Bloom’ arrived home. So many tears of joy and pain went into writing and producing this book which we are all now so proud of. Published by ABC Books and beautifully written by Bradley Trevor Greive, you can pre order copies now online or wait to pick one up in all good bookstores from 21st March.

penguinthemagpie Teamwork

penguinthemagpie Sam, the boys and I are so excited to finally announce that our book, Penguin Bloom written by Bradley Trevor Greive will be made into a Hollywood film staring Naomi Watts as Sam. “Sam’s undeniable spirit and the intense physical and emotional journey she and her family embraced resonated with me both as a storyteller and as a mother,” Naomi will co produce alongside Reese Witherspoon, Bruna Papandrea and Emma Cooper.

penguinthemagpie Home sure feels like a zoo at times

penguinthemagpie The new website is here, selling beautiful fine art prints and shipping worldwide. Penguinthemagpie苏州美甲美睫培训

penguinthemagpie Was just reminiscing early mornings. Happy Valentines xx

penguinthemagpie I love you.

penguinthemagpie Soon to be reunited

penguinthemagpie The blurred boundaries of being loved and spoilt

penguinthemagpie Love when they leave the light on.

penguinthemagpie Summer mornings.

penguinthemagpie I’ve been gone 8 days and this morning thought I’d better come home and say hi.

penguinthemagpie All babies love a kiss and cuddle before bedtime.

penguinthemagpie We all grow up eventually… I’ve been seen dating some magpie boys in Newport. Don’t worry I’ll keep sharing my life with you….

penguinthemagpie Brown eyes run in the family.

penguinthemagpie Front row seats.

penguinthemagpie Loving their first shower of the summer.

penguinthemagpie Taking turns

penguinthemagpie What we learn from Mother Nature is priceless.

TweetFacebookPenguin Bloom: The Odd Little Bird Who Saved a Family, which tells the story of how a baby magpie helped Sam through the darkest struggle of her life.

Sam fell from a balcony in Thailand on a holiday in 2013. As a result, she was paralysed. At the time, her three sons were 11, 10 and eight years old.

Cam said Sam was an incredibly active person, who loved surfing and mountain biking.

“She basically lost all independence,” he said.

“When Penguin arrived, Sam was at her lowest point. Penguin had been injured after she had fallen out of the nest, and we looked after her.”

Penguin was named by Cam and Sam’s children, as she had big feet. She became part of the family, running down the hall, talking with the boys and singing in the house.

“She was like a pet dog,” Cam said.

But it was her relationship with Sam that was most special.

“Penguin was a companion for Sam when the kids were at school, and I was at work,” Cam said.

“She was her beautiful soulmate. She would often sit on Sam’s shoulder or head, and Sam would talk to her. Penguin was always a good listener.”

Penguin was always free to leave, but she continually came back to spend time with the family.

Over the course of her stay with the Blooms, Cam took about 2000 pictures of the bird, which helped form the arc of the book. Cam and Sam were interviewed by writer Bradley Trevor Grieve for five months for the book, and he also used the photographs.

Cameron Bloom Penguin Bloom sales go to help people with life-changing injuries.

The Bloom family are currently looking after two new magpies, Panda and Puffin.

You can follow theiradventures and explorationson Instagram by searching ‘penguinthemagpie’.

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Moree Show Society president Brendan Munn, worker Kon Buliopoulos, Work for the Dole supervisor Luke Hook, worker Brett Draper and Jobs Australia’s Adam Gordon and Trish Atkins in the much-improved stables at Moree Showground.Horse owners will be lining up for a spot in Moree Showground’snew and improved stables at this year’s show thanks to some very hard workers.

Over the past 18 months, Moree Showground has undergone a much-needed facelift aspart of the Department of Employment’s jobactive Work for the Dole program.

For five hours a day, five days a week since August 2015, local Work for the Dole clients have worked hard building, painting, sanding, welding, fencing, concreting, plumbing and more to get the showground facilities up-to-scratch. During this time they have fixed the grandstand, bar, toilets, main arena fence and completed a number of other odd jobs.

This week will see the completion of the third project at the showground – fixing oneof the horse stables which was in a significant state of disrepair.

About 15 workers, under the guidance of Work for the Dole supervisor Luke Hook, spent the past three months straightening the foundation of the building andreplacing the old wooden posts and railings with new steel ones.

Mr Hook saidhis workers have been fantastic.

“It’s been a great experience working with the blokes from Work for the Dole,” he said. “I’m teaching them what I know and learning new things as well.”

BEFORE: The stables at Moree Showground were in a serious state of disrepair prior to the upgrades that were undertaken by Work for the Dole clients.

Moree Show Society is very grateful for the Work for the Dole program, which president Brendan Munn said has saved them valuable time and money.

“The amount of work the guys have been doing over a six-month period, there’s no way the show society would be able to do it,” Mr Munn said. “[The workers] are getting a big tick from the show society.”

The program also has significant benefits for the workers who gain valuable skills, training and on-the-job experience.

Work for the Dole client Brett Draper saidhe looks forward to coming to the Moree Show in April and seeing all his hard work paid off.

“It gives you a bit of pride coming to the show and saying, ‘I did that’,” he said.

Jobs Australia Enterprises is the lead provider for this particular Work for the Dole activity, providing the budget and ensuring the project is running smoothly. Regional managerAdam Gordon, said the guys have done a great job at the showground.

“This activity is a fantastic example of what can be accomplished through the Department of Employment’s jobactive initiative,” he said.

“There’s lots of work which has been undertaken for the betterment of the community that wouldn’t have been done otherwise.”

The showground project is ongoing and work will soon begin to fix another of the old stables.

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Milford Sound is one of the scenic highlights of a cruise around New Zealand. According to Maori legend, New Zealand’s fiords were sculpted by Tu Te Raki Whanoa, a godly figure with a magical adze. Milford Sound, the most northern of the fiords, was his finest piece of work. The cruise boats that work here look like toys against the backdrop of sheer cliffs and towering mountains. Photographer Holger Leue,Image supplied by New Zealand Tourism Photo: Holger LeueMY PARTNER AND I ARE INTERESTED IN AN ISLAND HOLIDAY, BUT NOT THAILAND OR BALI. WE ARE THINKING ABOUT SAMOA, WOULD YOU RECOMMEND IT, IS IT SAFE AND WHAT ARE THE ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS? C. HANCOCK, SYDNEY

Samoa consists of nine islands although for practical purposes you can discount all but the largest two, Savaii and its little brother, Upolu, where the capital, Apia, is located and where most of the population lives. At its centre, the volcanic peak of Mount Fito forms a waistband from which the island falls like a giant skirt, pleated with rainforest and ribboned with gushing streams, descending to a final frill of beach trimmed with coral reefs. Compared with other Polynesian hot spots such as Hawaii and French Polynesia, tourism has been slow to take root. Flights are limited and pricey and despite Samoa’s abundant natural promise, brand name resort hotel chains have failed to establish a toehold since virtually all land is communally owned, which makes it difficult for foreigners to acquire real estate. In an effort to bring tourism dollars directly into the villages the government encouraged the establishment of fale-style guesthouses based on their own domestic architecture, and the coast is now ringed with these fale-guesthouses. Simple, basic and mostly open to the elements, the guesthouses are a natural extension of fa’a Samoa, the Samoan way.

From the top drawer of the island’s accommodation, Coconuts Beach Club brings a dollop of style to the traditional palm and thatch architecture of Samoa, with a choice of overwater fales or handsome beach villas. The other deluxe choice, Sinalei Reef Resort, is small, sensuous and relaxed. There’s the usual hothouse choice of watersports but if you want zippy nightlife, things to buy, beach massages and a local cuisine that will make your tastebuds do the tango, forget about Samoa. If you want the storybook version of a South Seas paradise, Samoa delivers. Personal safety is not an issue.


Include your name and your suburb or town and send it to [email protected]苏州美甲美睫培训419论坛

All published questions will win a Lonely Planet guidebook.

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A PORT Fairy man has pleaded guilty to manslaughter following the death of his partner last year.

Police charged Justin Gary Turner, 31, with Kylie Cay’s murder after she died in the days following a brutal assault on June 18.

Police allege Ms Cay was attacked with a hammer, stomped on and dragged around by her hair.

Turner appeared in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court on Friday.

An Office of Public Prosecutions solicitor said the case had been resolved, with Turner willing to plead guilty to manslaughter and the murder charge was to be withdrawn.

The prosecution then dropped the charges of murder, recklessly causing serious injury, recklessly causing injury, assault with a weapon and unlawful assault.

There remains some issues around a charge of breaching an intervention order and legal discussions are continuing.

Turner confirmed he would enter a guilty plea to manslaughter and the case has been adjourned to a directions hearing in the Victorian Supreme Court on February 3.

Turner has also admitted breaching a community corrections order and is expected to be resentenced on those original charges on February 6.

The court heard Turner was jailed for three months in September 2015 after assaulting his mother. On his release from prison, he was serving a 15-month community corrections order with the condition he comp;ete 100 hours of community work and assessment, treatment and programs for alcohol issues.

Turner appeared in the Warrnambool court on Friday via a video link from with prison, where he remains in custody. There was no application for bail.

Victoria Police homicide squad detectives have investigated whether or not the injuries that hospitalised Ms Cay, a mother-of-three, caused her death.

Turner allegedly attacked the 44-year-old on the night of Saturday, June 18.

Ms Cay was admitted to the Port Fairy hospital, which sparked police involvement, before she was transferred to the Warrnambool Base Hospital for treatment.

It is understood she checked herself out of hospital, against medical advice, and returned home on Monday, June 20.

A spokeswoman for the hospital would not comment, given that the case was before the courts.

Members of Ms Cay’s family found her body on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 22 two days after she had returned home.

At a previous court hearing, police said Ms Cay had suffered two fractured right ribs, a broken shoulder and bruising to her face and the top of her feet.

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The Manning River has received a boost of fresh spring water from Barrington Tops making it a great place to take a dip.The fisherman noticed it first and now word has spread.

Natural springs at Barrington have “let go” and the result is a significant, although temporary, rise in the water level of the Manning River.

“It happens from time to time,” said Killawarra dairy farmer and chairman of the Manning Water Users Association, Robert Walsh.

At Killawarra, the Manning River was flowing at 181 ML (mega litres)on Monday, swelling to a peak of 508 ML by Wednesday. The change in the amount of water flowing meant levels went up by as much as nine inches.

“There’s an old wives’ tale that says this is a sign a rain event might be coming,” said Robert.

In the meantime the water is looking the best it has looked for a while.

“It is in a very healthy state and crystal clear –great for swimming,” added Robert.

Local farmers are well aware of the spring discharge which helps out in times of drought.

When their dams have dried up they often pump from the river to irrigate their properties.

But as dry conditions continue, the river can suffer and as levels drop pumping restrictions can come into force.

This is when a natural boost to the amount of water in the river –seemingly for no apparent reason –is a welcome relief.

“Indifficult times it helps out considerably,” explained Robert.

Local farmers haven’t had any pumping restrictions lately –there has been more than enough water to irrigate. Unfortunately, most of them can’t afford to pump.

Despite dry dams Robert and other local farmers are reluctant to switch on their pumps.

“Most of the dairy farmers can’t afford the electricity bills,” he said.

Hopefully the old wives tale is true and that plenty of rain is onthe way to fill the dams. Before this happens though you might want to take a dip in the Manning.

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Campbelltown, you’re number one.

Worrying statistics: The waist lines of residents in Campbelltown has become a major concern Department of Health figures show.

But there’s no reason to celebrate.

Statistics revealed by the Department of Health show Campbelltown is one of the unhealthiest areas in the Sydney, recordingthe highest rate of deaths attributed to cardiovascular disease and body mass index.

The area alsohad the second highest rate of hospitalisations due to type two diabetes.

Macarthur MP and paediatrician Dr Michael Freelander said there were several factors for the high rates.

“We have a high Aboriginal and Pacific Islander population (and those cultures)have high rates of type two diabetes and cardiovascular disease,” he said.

“Campbelltown’s smoking ratesare among the highest in Australia and there’s also high alcohol consumption and poor involvement in exercise.

“We need to make people more aware of cardiovascular disease and not just talk about people looking unhealthy and overweight because it does kill them.”

Dr Freelander said education and awareness were the keys to reducing the rates,however, he had two other ideas to combat the issues.

“I believe there is a strong case for a sugar tax,” he said.

“I also think we could introduce sporting subsidies.I see families who can’t put there kids into sports because of the cost.”

Last year, the head of Campbelltown Hospital’sEndocrinology Unit, Dr David Simmons,told the Advertiserthere was a diabetes epidemic sweeping across the world and Macarthur was not immune.

“Nearly a quarter of patients inhospitals – certainly in this hospital – have diabetes, though they maynot beherebecause of diabetesdirectly,” he said.

“One of the biggest epidemics is (gestational)diabetes in pregnancy.

“This is not just affecting mums it’s affecting babies who have an increased risk of diabetes and obesitylater on.

“In this facility about five years ago there were 150 to200 women who had gestational diabetes but last year there were 500. This is huge –it’s swamping us.”

Campbelltown MP Greg Warren said the figures were “disturbing” and believed more money needed to be invested into awareness programs.

“This shows us that we have to mindful of our health and highlights the importance of education and awareness.

“Investing in research and awareness doesn’t have immediate impacts, but it has long-term results.”

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Managing director of Autism Link Rebecca Keysers with her son Kaiser. There’s between 39 and 61 children under the age of 15who have been diagnosed with autism in Lithgow.

That’s according to Autism Link, a new organisation which is focused on ensuring parents with autistic children have access to the help and support they need.

Managing director Rebecca Keysers saidthere are increasing numbers of children being diagnosed with the condition.

“In 2012, there was a 79 per cent increase of people diagnosed with autism since 2009, and it’s becoming even more common,” Ms Keysers said.

“With growing numbers of children being affected by autism, community support is vital to help them lead happy and connected lives.

“Without the correct support services and resources, the quality of life for kids with autism may be detrimentally affected.

“They may feel as though they don’t belong and find it difficult to form friendships.”

Ms Keysers said families with autistic children can find it challenging to find support forthemand may feel isolated within their own communities.

“When my son Kaiser was diagnosed with autism, I had no idea of what therapies or interventions to look for,” Ms Keysers said.

“Parents need help to access services, support groups, information and resources that make a difference to their children’s lives. This is where Autism Link can really help families.”

Ms Keysers said Autism Link provides families with direct access to services, making a distressing time less traumatic.

First launched in Queensland, Autism Link has more than 160 providers listed with a growing number registering across Australia.

The directory includes organisations and community groups focused on everything including early intervention, speech therapy, occupationaltherapy, support groups and respite providers.

Autism Link is available for free to parents, carers and autism professionals at苏州美甲美睫培训autismlink苏州美甲美睫培训419论坛.

There’s also an app for mobile phones and tablets which can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.Ms Keysersown experience can be found athttp://autismlink苏州美甲美睫培训419论坛/beck_keysers.php.

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The Manning River has received a boost of fresh spring water from Barrington Tops making it a great place to take a dip.The fisherman noticed it first and now word has spread.

Natural springs at Barrington have “let go” and the result is a significant, although temporary, rise in the water level of the Manning River.

“It happens from time to time,” said Killawarra dairy farmer and chairman of the Manning Water Users Association, Robert Walsh.

At Killawarra, the Manning River was flowing at 181 ML (mega litres)on Monday, swelling to a peak of 508 ML by Wednesday. The change in the amount of water flowing meant levels went up by as much as nine inches.

“There’s an old wives’ tale that says this is a sign a rain event might be coming,” said Robert.

In the meantime the water is looking the best it has looked for a while.

“It is in a very healthy state and crystal clear –great for swimming,” added Robert.

Local farmers are well aware of the spring discharge which helps out in times of drought.

When their dams have dried up they often pump from the river to irrigate their properties.

But as dry conditions continue, the river can suffer and as levels drop pumping restrictions can come into force.

This is when a natural boost to the amount of water in the river –seemingly for no apparent reason –is a welcome relief.

“Indifficult times it helps out considerably,” explained Robert.

Local farmers haven’t had any pumping restrictions lately –there has been more than enough water to irrigate. Unfortunately, most of them can’t afford to pump.

Despite dry dams Robert and other local farmers are reluctant to switch on their pumps.

“Most of the dairy farmers can’t afford the electricity bills,” he said.

Hopefully the old wives tale is true and that plenty of rain is onthe way to fill the dams. Before this happens though you might want to take a dip in the Manning.

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TOUGH GIG: Judges John Smith, Pia Jessen and John Chapman had a tough choice choosing the winners. Pictures: Belinda-Jane DavisImagine capturing a polar bear chewing on a salmon, or two eagles fighting over prey.

A photographer could wait for hours, or years, to capture these moments and next month they will be on show for the Hunter to admire.

Maitland has become a hub for photographers across the globe to exhibit their work and the 2017 Maitland International Salon of Photographycompetition is no exception.

With more than 5500 entries from 50 countries this year’s quest is the best in the group’s 58-year history.

And the competition is stiff.

Maitland International Salon of Photography secretary Petro Holowinskyj and president Ian English look at Dany Chan’s work Grizzly Feeding on Salmon.

JudgesJohn Smith, Pia Jessen and John Chapman assessed the nature prints, which is one of several categories,on Friday at Maitland City Bowling Club.

This year the group added a digital travel imagecategory and it has been very popular.

Ms Jessen said the composition of the photoand the quality of the print was important, but the main focus layin what the print portrayed.

“It’s about the storytelling, it’s about how that image tells a story of the natural wild,” she said.

Maitland International Salon of Photography secretary Petro Holowinskyj and president Ian English with Roy Killen’s Secure Catch.

“Once they do that the other photography elements have to be considered.”

Mr Chapman said the group had an impeccable reputation across the globe and photographers worked hard to create a photograph that was worthy of an accolade in the competition.

The entries, and the winners, will be displayed in a pavilion at Maitland Show on February 17, 18 and19.

Camera clubs will be invited to view the print and digital collection between February 20 and 22.

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Chef Chui Lee Luk. Photo: Brook MitchellSingapore-born Sydney chef Chui Lee Luk began with work experience alongside Christine Manfield at Paramount, then worked with Annabel Savill at Emporio Armani, Kylie Kwong at Wockpool and others. Joining the team at Claude’s in 2000, she eventually bought the acclaimed restaurant and received a three-hat rating. She now has a new venture, as chef at Tim Clark’s new 169 Darlinghurst.

See 169darlinghurst苏州美甲美睫培训419论坛FAVOURITE TABLE

Xin cuisine in the Concorde Hotel, which is a favourite of locals for dim sum. I love visiting KL because it’s possible to find dishes I remember from childhood as well as see the local cuisine evolving. Here, you’ll find old style Cantonese dishes that feature local ingredients, such as rice noodles served with dried prawn sambal. It’s also essential to Cantonese dim sum that pork is used in dumplings, and this is one of the few places in town which does have pork on the menu. See kualalumpur.concordehotelsresorts苏州美甲美睫培训. LOCAL FOOD DISCOVERY

South Indian thali meals at Fierce Curry House in Bangsar. One of the famous things about KL is the mamak and Indian curry houses. There is authentic biryani on the menu here, presented in a metal container sealed with dough to seal in the moisture. Alternatively, go for the vegetable dishes, such as spiced okra with chapatti bread. You’ll have to be a fan of spicy hot food; it’s as spicy as its name suggests.  (No website; 16, Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar.) BEST-KEPT FOOD SECRET

There aren’t any secrets in a food-oriented place like KL. One of my favourites is New Ocean on Jalan Imbi. This place is an old-school Chinese seafood specialist. I like the Kam Heong Crab with curry powder, dried shrimps, garlic and curry leaves, again, Chinese style cuisine given a local spin. (No website.) MUST-TRY DISH

Sample the dosas from Devi’s Corner in Bangsar and breakfast like a local. They’re served like a large cone with curry sauces, sambars and chutneys. My secret indulgence is the super sweet Teh Tahrik, pulled tea. (No website.)  FAVOURITE INDULGENCE

Nasi lemak, which is coconut and pandan leaf rice served with condiments or accompaniments that you choose. Accompaniments include grilled local fish, eggplant curry, beef rendang or Malaysian-style fried chicken. This is something I can eat all the time. Try any of the stalls in Kampong Baru. A BIG NIGHT OUT

Sitka Restaurant in Bukit Damansara. This represents contemporary Malaysian cuisine featuring sustainable, locally-sourced produce. Some dishes to look out for: deep fried buns filled with spoon soft beef brisket. Another stand-out is local organic chicken liver parfait with meranti berries (a local tree shrub). See sitkarestaurant苏州美甲美睫培训. BEST TIME TO VISIT

Go when the tropical fruits are actually in season and that’s around September. I say this because I’ve been frustrated by fruit-mongers telling me that they don’t have this or that fruit and that they’re available “around September”. I like to indulge in greedy amounts of mangosteens, rambutan, langsats, soursop and sapodilla. The tropics also have varieties of bananas that we don’t get to see in Australia.

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Snorkelling in Queensland’s Airlie Beach. The snow-covered peak of Mount Vesuvius volcano is seen from the archaeological excavations of Pompeii in Naples, southern Italy.

Market stall at Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria. Photo: iStock

Ocean rafting at Airlie Beach.

Swimming with whal sharks in the Andaman Sea. Photo: iStock

Airboat, Florida Everglades.

Chateau de Malmaison, formerly the residence of Emperess Josephine de Beauharnais. Now manor house used as a Napoleonic musee national.

Fancy cycling down a volcano when you go ashore in Maui? Or exploring Pompeii with a small group of fellow passengers when you dock at Naples? Maybe swimming with whale sharks is more your thing. Whatever rocks your boat, shore excursions on ocean and river cruises now offer almost limitless choices. From visiting historic sites to wildlife encounters, adventurous activities and gourmet tours, you’re sure to find something that appeals, wherever you cruise.

As the booming cruise business continues to expand, cruise lines are now catering for a raft of different travellers – families with young children, multi-generational families, couples and solos of all ages and interests, and seasoned cruisers who are looking for more in-depth experiences of ports of call.

While the nature of cruising means that the ship usually spends one day in a port, which obviously limits how much you can see or do, more cruise lines are providing late-night departures and overnight stays to extend time ashore. Others are starting to offer off-ship tours that can last for a few days

River cruise lines vie with each other to provide ever-more “exclusive” experiences – banquets in palaces with the royal owners, private access to famous museums and galleries – and ocean lines are following suit. Azamara Club Cruises was one of the first to offer passengers cultural events that you couldn’t organise independently, unless you had unlimited spending money. And as on river cruise shore tours, you don’t pay extra for AzAmazing Evenings. GOURMETCRUISE LINE: Celebrity Cruises, Celebrity Constellation and Celebrity Reflection

THE DESTINATION Barcelona, Spain

THE EXCURSION Gourmet tapas hopping. Sample Catalan cuisine at three restaurants in two different neighbourhoods – the Born Quarter and Barceloneta – and enjoy a walking tour of the famous Boqueria market on Las Ramblas and the Gothic Quarter en route. Drinks at the restaurants are included.

INSIDER TIP Boqueria market is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

ESSENTIALS 4 hours. From $US115; celebritycruises苏州美甲美睫培训 CRUISE LINE Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Seven Seas Marina

THE DESTINATION Punta del Este, Uruguay

THE EXCURSION Parrillada grilling lessons at La Salamora. Learn to cook meat like the locals at a beautiful country eco-ranch. Sample traditional appetisers and drinks and prepare a classic South American dessert while the meat sizzles – then enjoy a hearty lunch.

INSIDER TIP Definitely not for vegetarians.

ESSENTIALS 6.5 hours. From $272; rssc苏州美甲美睫培训 CRUISE LINE Azamara Club Cruises, Azamara Journey

THE DESTINATION Tallinn, Estonia

THE EXCURSION Chocolaterie workshop. Enjoy a hands-on lesson in the art of truffle making with the master pastry chef at renowned café and patisserie Chocolaterie de Pierre, after a stroll through the medieval streets of Tallinn’s lovely Lower Old Town (just to work up an appetite).

INSIDER TIP Don’t even think about dieting.

ESSENTIALS 3.5 hours. $US201; azamaraclubcruises苏州美甲美睫培训/en-au CRUISE LINE Oceania Cruises, Oceania Marina, Nautica, Riviera, Sirena

THE DESTINATION Funchal, Madeira

THE EXCURSION Wine-tasting, market tour and lunch. The ship’s Culinary Centre chef accompanies this delicious culinary adventure, which includes a tasting session at a 17th-century monastery where Madeira wines are made and a bar stop to sample the island’s popular drink Poncha. A visit to Mercado dos Lavradores farmers’ market will whet your appetite for lunch at a lively local restaurant.

INSIDER TIP Wear loosely fitting clothes.

ESSENTIALS About 7 hours. $US245.70; oceaniacruises苏州美甲美睫培训 CRUISE LINE APT, Aria-class ship


THE EXCURSION Dinner at Michelin-starred chef Paul Bocuse’s L’Abbaye de Collonges restaurant. Set on the banks of the Saône a few kilometres north of Lyon, L’Abbaye is not only renowned for its cuisine, it features an amazing collection of restored fairground organs. You’ll be escorted by Australian winemaker Bruce Tyrrell, who is accompanying this Wine Series cruise.

INSIDER TIP Follow Bruce Tyrrell’s choice of wines.

ESSENTIALS For details about tour duration, contact APT; aptouring苏州美甲美睫培训419论坛

[15-day Romantic Rhône & Seine cruise, August 2017] CRUISE LINE Avalon Waterways, Avalon Panorama

THE DESTINATION Regensburg, Germany

THE EXCURSION Guided city walk. While exploring this beautifully preserved city on foot, you’ll visit the 17th-century Historische Wurstkuche (Old Sausage Kitchen), one of Germany’s oldest restaurants; it’s been in operation in one form or another since 1146. Grab a beer and enjoy a sausage with sauerkraut and mustard while taking in the lovely views along the river.

INSIDER TIP Leave room for tasting more German beers after dinner.

ESSENTIALS For details about tour duration, contact Avalon Waterways. avalonwaterways苏州美甲美睫培训419论坛

[13-day Beer-Themed Blue Danube Discovery cruise, July 2017] CRUISE LINE APT, Aria-class ship


THE EXCURSION Domayne Bramarel truffle farm. Gilles Ayme’s great-grandfather planted truffle oaks on the farm in the 1800s and harvested the first “black diamonds” in 1850. Today, Gilles’ highly trained labradors demonstrate truffle hunting and the tour includes informative discussions and a tasting session in the farmhouse.

INSIDER TIP Buy a truffle treat in the Domayne’s shop.

ESSENTIALS For details about tour duration, contact APT. aptouring苏州美甲美睫培训419论坛

[8-day Rhone Treasures, May and July] CRUISE LINE Scenic, Scenic Diamond


THE EXCURSION Remy Martin estate. A “petit train” takes you around the 292-year-old estate because the area it covers is so enormous – 6000 barrels of the precious brandy are stored in 29 buildings. The presentations and tasting sessions are highly professional and you learn an impressive amount about how this delectable spirit is produced.

INSIDER TIP Enjoy a snooze on the bus back to the ship.

ESSENTIALS Full day trip to Cognac; scenic苏州美甲美睫培训419论坛

[11-day Bordeaux round-trip cruise, April to October (except August)] ADVENTURE

CRUISE LINE Princess Cruises, six ships


THE EXCURSION Dog-sledding on Mendenhall Glacier. Fly over Juneau’s famous glacier by helicopter for spectacular aerial views, then mush along the ice and snowy terrain on a thrilling dog sled ride.

INSIDER TIP You’ll be weighed before you board the helicopter and have to leave everything except your camera at the base.

ESSENTIALS About 2.75 hours. $US589.95; princess苏州美甲美睫培训 CRUISE LINE Norwegian Cruise Line, Pride of Hawaii


THE EXCURSION Cycling down Haleakala volcano. You’re driven to the 3048-metre high crater rim at sunrise, then follow the guide down 21 heart-stopping switchbacks. Stop en route for photo opps and at the historic town of Hali’imaile for breakfast.

INSIDER TIP You have to be a minimum of 1.52 metres tall, aged 12 or over and weigh less than 114 kilograms.

ESSENTIALS About 4 hours including 45-minute bike ride. $332; princess苏州美甲美睫培训 CRUISE LINE P&O Cruises, Pacific Aria

THE DESTINATION Hamilton Island, Queensland

THE EXCURSION Off-road ATV island tour. Explore the island by racing along scenic fire trails on quad bikes and photograph stunning Whitsunday vistas from less-visited vantage points.

INSIDER TIP The driver must be 16 or over – bring your full or provisional driver’s licence with you. Your passenger must be 13.

ESSENTIALS 2 hours. From $179.99, per vehicle; pocruises苏州美甲美睫培训419论坛 CRUISE LINEPrincess Cruises, Island, Caribbean & Coral Princess


THE EXCURSION Zip-lining in Veragua Rainforest. In the hills overlooking Limon, fly up to 45 metres above tropical rainforest canopy and streams in 10 spectacular traverses.

INSIDER TIP Don’t even attempt it if you’re afraid of heights. You must weigh less than 122 kilograms and the minimum age is five.

ESSENTIALS About 4.5 hours. From $US99.95; princess苏州美甲美睫培训 WILDLIFECRUISE LINE P&O Cruises, Pacific Eden

THE DESTINATION Exmouth, Western Australia

THE EXCURSION Whale shark swim. Knowledgeable guides take you on a boat cruise around Ningaloo Reef where whale sharks swim just below the surface, allowing you to snorkel alongside them (without touching).

INSIDER TIP Snorkelling kit, morning tea and lunch are provided.

ESSENTIALS 7 hours. Adults from $429.99, children (12 and under) from $289.99; pocruises苏州美甲美睫培训419论坛 CRUISE LINE Royal Caribbean, Radiance of the Seas

THE DESTINATION Akaroa, New Zealand

THE EXCURSION Swim with dolphins. Dive off the tour boat into the waters of picturesque Akaroa harbour to swim with the world’s smallest dolphins and penguins.

INSIDER TIP You must be able to swim at least 50 metres and be prepared for water temperatures of about 17 degrees in summer.

ESSENTIALS About 2.5 hours. From $170.28; royalcaribbean苏州美甲美睫培训419论坛 CRUISE LINE Holland America Line, Zandam, Noordam


THE EXCURSION Kroschel Wildlife Refuge. For many years, TV actor-director Steve Kroschel has rescued orphaned or injured wild animals and given them sanctuary in his 24-hectare park. On Steve’s personally guided tours you’ll have close encounters with moose, reindeer and a rare wolverine, among many other native animals.

INSIDER TIP Have your camera ready at all times.

ESSENTIALS About 3.75 hours; adults $US139.95, children (under 12) $US69.95 per child. hollandamerica苏州美甲美睫培训 CRUISE LINE P&O Cruises, Pacific Jewel, Pacific Eden

THE DESTINATION Kangaroo Island, South Australia

THE EXCURSION Seal Bay. Experienced local guides lead this tour to Seal Bay Conservation Park, where you can see endangered Australian sea lions in their natural environment of coastal vegetation, dunes and beach from lookouts on the boardwalk.

INSIDER TIP The entrance fee contributes to ongoing research and conservation.

ESSENTIALS 4.25 hours. Adults from $169.99, children (12 and under) from $159.99; pocruises苏州美甲美睫培训419论坛 OUTDOORSCRUISE LINE P&O Cruises, Pacific Eden

THE DESTINATION Broome, Western Australia

THE EXCURSION Broome hovercraft tour. Skim over sand flats surrounded by mangrove forests on a fascinating narrated hovercraft ride. You’ll see preserved dinosaur tracks and learn all about Broome’s coastal environment.

INSIDER TIP A great family outing.

ESSENTIALS 1.5 hours. Adults from $139.99, children (12 and under) from $99.99; pocruises苏州美甲美睫培训419论坛 CRUISE LINE Carnival Cruise Line, Carnival Valor, Sunshine, Pride and Magic

THE DESTINATION Port Canaveral, Florida, US

THE EXCURSION Airboat tour, Central Florida Everglades. A 15-person airboat whisks you over land and water from a fish camp outpost to protected wetlands and fresh-water marshes, home to Florida alligators and a rich assortment of birds and reptiles.

INSIDER TIP Bring insect repellent.

ESSENTIALS 3 hours. Adults $US71.99, children $US52.99;

苏州美甲美睫培训carnival苏州美甲美睫培训  . CRUISE LINE P&O Cruises, Pacific Aria, Dawn, Explorer, Jewel and Pearl

THE DESTINATION Airlie Beach, Queensland

THE EXCURSION Ocean rafting. Learn about marine life on the reef as you zip along the beautiful coastline, then look out for turtles while you’re snorkelling in clear, warm water.

INSIDER TIP Snorkelling equipment, stinger suits, wet suits and lunch are provided.

ESSENTIALS 4.5 hours. Adults from $189.99, children (12 and under) from $149.99; pocruises苏州美甲美睫培训419论坛

CRUISE LINE Royal Caribbean, Ovation and Radiance of the Seas

THE DESTINATION Tauranga, New Zealand

THE EXCURSION Kayaking. Paddle across peaceful Lake Rotoiti on your way to the Glow Worm Cave, where you’ll see the magical bioluminescent light created by millions of these tiny creatures. Then head off to Manupirua Beach to relax in warm geothermal pools.

INSIDER TIP You’ll be paddling for at least two hours so you need to be fit.

ESSENTIALS About 6.5 hours. Adults from $238.08, children from $172.28; royalcaribbean苏州美甲美睫培训419论坛 ANCIENT HISTORYCRUISE LINE Princess Cruises, Pacific, Sea Princess & Majestic Princess


THE EXCURSION Day tour to Petra. A two-hour bus trip through the desert takes you to the ancient Nabataean city of Petra, where you join a guided walking tour. Over about six hours you will see many monuments including tombs, theatres, obelisks and temples, carved out of distinctive red sandstone.

INSIDER TIP Be prepared for at least nine kilometres of walking in blazing sunshine.

ESSENTIALS 10 hours. From $US229.95; princess苏州美甲美睫培训CRUISE LINE Celebrity Cruises, Celebrity Constellation, Reflection and Silhouette


THE EXCURSION Behind the scenes Pompeii tour. Discover some of Pompeii’s most fascinating discoveries on a private tour of the archeological site’s Applied Research Laboratory and enjoy an intimate group stroll through the ruins.

INSIDER TIP Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Pompeii – it’s incredibly hot in midsummer.

ESSENTIALS 4.5 hours. From $US149.00; celebritycruises苏州美甲美睫培训 CRUISE LINE Crystal Cruises, Crystal Esprit


THE EXCURSION Exploring the sacred island of Delos. After a 45-minute caique (local boat) trip from Mykonos, you’ll disembark on Delos to walk in the footsteps of ancient gods and goddesses. Magnificent ruins include Doric temples, markets, an amphitheatre, houses with mosaics and the famous Terrace of the Lions statues.

INSIDER TIP Keep your phone and camera in a waterproof bag in case you’re splashed on the way to the island.

ESSENTIALS About 4.5 hours. $109; crystalcruises苏州美甲美睫培训 MODERN HISTORYCRUISE LINE Oceania Cruises, all ships except Oceania Regatta


THE EXCURSION Gibraltar Under Siege. Learn about Gib’s oldest inhabitants, the Rock Apes, explore the 18th-century Great Siege tunnels and visit the Gibraltar Museum, which was built on the site of the old Moorish Baths.

INSIDER TIP Don’t touch or feed the Rock Apes and keep your possessions close – these playful animals are wild and wily.

ESSENTIALS About 2.75 hours. $141.70; oceaniacruises苏州美甲美睫培训 CRUISE LINE Avalon Waterways, Avalon Creativity

THE DESTINATION Normandy, France

THE EXCURSION Normandy’s landing beaches. It is only when you see the coastline and visit sites such as Omaha Beach, the Pointe du Hoc monument and the American Cemetery that you get an idea of the scale of the D-Day operations in 1944 and the extent of the carnage that took place in Europe in World War II.

INSIDER TIP You will shed tears.

ESSENTIALS Full day trip; [on 8-day World War II history-themed cruise round-trip from Paris, July] avalonwaterways苏州美甲美睫培训419论坛

[on 11-day Paris round-trips] CRUISE LINE Uniworld, River Ambassador


THE EXCURSION Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. The sign at the bottom of a monument at the centre of the camp reads, in several languages, “Forgive, but never forget”. An experienced local guide takes you around the camp, Dachau Museum and Jewish Memorial Chapel and offers additional insights into the horrifying history.

INSIDER TIP Nothing can prepare you for this sort of reality check.

ESSENTIALS Half-day; uniworld苏州美甲美睫培训

[on 10-day Jewish Heritage cruises, Munich to Cologne, May to November] CULTURECRUISE LINE Scenic, Scenic Gem


THE EXCURSION Monet’s house and gardens. Jump on one of the ship’s e-bikes at Vernon and take a self-guided tour of the beautiful estate that is a living work of art itself.

INSIDER TIP The gardens are planted to look their best in every season and are open from March to November. There are always crowds.

ESSENTIALS Easy 5-kilometre bike ride; scenic苏州美甲美睫培训419论坛

[on 11-day Paris round-trips] CRUISE LINE APT, AmaVida


THE EXCURSION Porto Old Town. See narrow cobbled streets and squares flanked by colourful tiled terraced houses, the 12th-century Sé do Porto cathedral, elegant shopping avenues, dozens of cute cafes and bars – and enjoy a port tasting in Gaia.

INSIDER TIP Go to Ribiera in the evening to hear fado music.

ESSENTIALS Half-day; [on 14-day Lisbon-Madrid cruises] aptouring苏州美甲美睫培训419论坛 BEFORE YOU GO


Check the day and date you arrive in port and find out what attractions will be open – for example, many museums in Europe close on Mondays and that fabulous fresh food market you’re hoping to visit may operate only on Saturday mornings.


Shore excursions can take a full day or three to four hours. You’ll usually take a bus to the destination and it’s worth checking how much of the tour time is taken up travelling there and back; if travel times aren’t listed in the excursion itinerary, do a quick calculation on Google maps. If you have to sit in a bus for three out of four hours to visit a temple, say, you might choose to see something closer to the port.


Even when you book a ship’s shore excursion in advance, be aware that it can be cancelled by the time you board the ship if there aren’t enough takers. So it’s worth having an alternative plan, or getting advice from your travel agent or cruise line about how popular your chosen tour is likely to be. Conversely, if there’s something you are really keen on doing, don’t leave booking it until you get on board.


If you prefer to do your own thing but like the security and convenience of being dropped off and picked up – particularly when the port is quite a distance from the destination, such as from Civitavecchia to the centre of Rome – take advantage of ship-arranged bus trips that allow you free time to explore.


Pick a tour that suits your level of fitness – if it’s too easy it could be slow and boring. Common sense prevails but to make it easier to choose, ships’ shore excursions are usually graded according to how easy or challenging they are in terms of mobility and pace; for example, if you click on the relevant icons on a Princess Cruises’ excursion description you will see a detailed outline of whether it is easy, moderate, strenuous or wheelchair accessible. SHIP TOURS v GOING IT ALONE


Booking a ship’s shore excursion takes all the hassle out of planning and if there is any delay on the tour, the ship will wait for you.


Organising your own tour can save money. Research and book in advance, or check out the ship’s onboard port information and consult local tourism representatives who come on board.


Sharing a taxi with fellow cruisers can be cheaper, more flexible and fun than doing a bus tour with dozens of other passengers.


Book a tour with a company such as Viator that syncs with cruise ship visits in most ports around the world – they cost less than most ship’s tours.

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Kevin Muscat, Melbourne Victory’s coach, looked unimpressed when asked on the eve of the Big Blue clash with Sydney if the current league leaders, unbeaten in 16 A-League matches coming into Thursday night’s game, could be the best A-League team ever.

“Not at this stage” was Muscat’s peremptory response as he went on to give reasons why his team had the beating of Sydney, and how Graham Arnold and his men knew it.

Victory are not far off Sydney, but they haven’t got the beating of Sydney, at least not yet this season.

On Thursday night it went close, but wasn’t quite good enough to dent the Sky Blues’ long unbeaten run when a Filip Holosko header and a blistering Bernie Ibini shot first cancelled out James Troisi’s opener and then ensured Sydney would stretch their unbeaten streak to 18 A-League games spread across two seasons.

And while Sydney are still some way short of being the greatest A-League team ever – it is sobering to think that their lengthy run without defeat is now only half as long as the record set by Brisbane Roar –  they can at least start to believe that their aim of becoming the 2017 version of The Invincibles in not just a pipe dream.

Arnold has challenged his side to become the team that has the greatest season ever in terms of points amassed in a 10-team competition with 27 matches.

The best points haul in that configuration so far was the 57 achieved by Western Sydney Wanderers in their debut campaign in 2012/13.

After Thursday night’s win Sydney is now 11 points clear at the top (from Victory) and has 43 points from their 17 games. It now needs only 15 points – five wins from the last 10 matches – to surpass the Wanderers total and statistically become the greatest team in the league’s 12-season history.

And, on the evidence they have presented all season, there is no reason why Sydney cannot go on with the job.

Unlike the tiki-taka Brisbane teams with which Ange Postecoglou set records, Arnold’s Sydney are not particularly easy on the eye. That is probably why they are not getting the adulation from neutrals that Brisbane received.

Not that that will worry Arnold and his players.

There is little flamboyancy about Sydney. There are few virtuoso displays of skill, not many silky passages of play, little in the way of breathtaking individual actions.

Arnold’s Sky Blues are, however, relentless. In the way of Western Sydney in that club’s first campaign, they have a habit of crushing and squeezing the opposition, first stopping them from playing and then imposing themselves on their rivals.

But they are sharper up front than Tony Popovic’s Wanderers were four years ago.

In that initial campaign Western Sydney only scored 41 goals in their 27 matches, conceding 21.

With 10 games left in the current home-and-away season Sydney have already scored 38 goals, conceding only eight.

Sydney are strong mentally: when they go behind they don’t panic. The sense of self-belief is immense, says Arnold, with a group who like and trust each other, a team who have come together and grow in understanding as the season has progressed.

They are not impregnable – as Fahid Ben Khalfallah showed when he embarrassed the makeshift full back Aaron Calver on several occasions in the first half on Thursday night, helping to create Troisi’s goal. Marco Rojas also went close in the opening period, and in truth Sydney didn’t offer much of a threat until Milos Ninkovic’s excellent cross found the head of Holosko to put them back on terms.

Victory did dominate the opening exchanges of the second half but there was always a feeling that when they didn’t take their chances – Ben Khalfallah hit the bar, goalkeeper Danny Vukovic made a point-blank save from Leigh Broxham – then Sydney would somehow find a way to grab the win.

Sydney will never have a better chance to take not just the Premier’s Plate but the A-League title.

They have not won a trophy in seven years – their last came in that Grand Final win on penalties against Victory in 2010 – and they are now in pole position to take the Plate and win their home semi-final, which would give them hosting rights for the title decider.

Mathematically they could still be caught, but who would bet against them now?

For Victory the job ahead is now to regroup for the upcoming derby against Melbourne City on February 4.

Muscat has consistently refused to use fatigue as an excuse for the fact that his side has now lost three matches on the spin – away to Wellington and Perth and home to Sydney – but it has played a part.

Victory get a nine-day break now, and Muscat will need his players to rest and then regather themselves for the final third of the campaign: if they are to derail the Sky Blue express they will need to match Sydney in effort and mindset. Muscat would like nothing better than to end the streak – if it is still going by then – when Victory next meet Sydney in the NSW capital in March.

“I’m not walking away from tonight terrified,” was his message after the game. “I will never give up trying to catch them. We haven’t been opened up tonight. We haven’t been out-passed or outplayed. I was really happy with the football we played.”

Muscat believed his side created more chances than Sydney when they went down to 10 men after centre back James Donachie was sent off.

“We scored a very, very good goal but it’s disappointing at the moment that we’re making some decisions defensively that are resulting in goals.”

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